Custom Vinewood Sign

Bobo Boss

Custom Vinewood Sign

This mod is a bit different that what I usually do. This mod will be made just for you! I will remove the big old Vinewood sign and replace it with what ever you would like. As long as it's between 8-10 letters, I can do it! The sign works from any distance, and can be seen from the entire map.


I have a lot of experience doing these signs as I have done them private until now. I have made more than 100 so far, so I can guarantee some quality signs!


After purchase, all you need to do is contact me on discord in a DM with your order number, and the name you would like me to make. Unless i'm on vacation, the sign will be made and sent to you within 1-2 days.



My discord: @Boa#3290

My discord server: Click here!



The sign has to be between 8-10 letters! Otherwise it will be too big!

The sign is only usable in FiveM. If you want one for RageMP or Alt:V, contact me on discord.

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