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Car Remote




Core Features

Remote Start/Stop Vehicle Engines
Remotely Trigger/Stop Vehicle Alarms

Remote Lock/Unlock Vehicle

"Connection" to vehicle that you own via opening menu while close to the vehicle.

Easy switching between connected vehicles. (Example: You can have multiple of your vehicles out
and freely switch the vehicle you are connected to by walking up to the door and opening the menu.)

Distance-based checking of how close you are to the connected vehicle. (The battery on the UI will update properly
to show you how close you are to the vehicle.)

Prevents interacting with your vehicle if you are outside of remote range.

Remote features are only available for vehicles that you own. Anyone can lock/unlock the vehicle while they are
inside of the vehicle though.

Your vehicle headlights will flash when you lock/unlock your vehicle, similar to real life.

Distance based sound for when you lock and unlock the vehicle.

Player animation for clicking the keyfob.


(4/22/2020) - Added Config.UseRemoteRange and Config.UseBattery options for people that do not wish to use the distance or battery features
(4/28/2020) - Fixed issue with turning engines on/off while outside of the vehicle with Numpad -
(5/1/2020) - Fix plate issue [added support for custom plates]
(5/21/2020) - Attempt to fix issue with errors when retrieving information from custom models
(6/5/2020) - TempFix - Block motorcycles (vehicle class 8) from being used with carremote temporarily
(6/5/2020) - Fix/Addition - Fixed Motorcycles + Work Vehicles (Please report any bugs)
(6/10/2020) - Fix - Fixed Typo
(6/15/2020) - Add Events For HotkeyUI and Engine so that it can be called upon from other scripts.
(6/20/2020) - Car Remote Redux Initial Release. Added Give/Take Keys. And support for granting keys externally.

(6/26/2020) - Fix Locale, Begin work on fixing server-side functions for toggling locks/engines
(7/2/2020) - Fix toggling engines/locks
(7/3/2020) - Fix toggling engines/locks (Round 2) / Disable Vehicle Auto-Start After Turning Engines Off

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