BarbaroNN: Advanced Garages | [Keys & Fake Plates]


BB: Advanced Garages | [Keys & Fake Plates]

BB-Garages is one of the most advanced garages system So far
Comes with unique and beautiful UI Design, Advanced VehicleKeys System, One of the best if not the best Fake Plates system.

Supported Frameworks:

ESX 1.2 & V1 Final


- Unique and beautiful UI Design.
- Option to park your car on parking slots and abillity to other players to see it.
- Saves after restart.
- Advanced Vehicle Keys System.
- Advanced Fake Plates System.
- Option to see on which garage your car is. Option to locate your car if its missing.
- If your car is NOT on the garage and still available somewhere on the map, it will not be on the impound.
- Advanced Dev Tools in order to create/change garages instead of touching the config for it.
- Comes with the BB-FakePlates Script.


Our scripts are  IP LOCKED  &  ENCRYPTED.  If you need more information about it feel free to get in touch with us on our discord server.


All support for this product is run through discord, please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation. Alternatively, you can join the discord and use the barbaroNN seller channels for direct help from the developer.

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