Advanced vehicle system (Upgrades, car services, oil, nitro, mileage....)


Advanced vehicle system (Upgrades, car services, oil, nitro, mileage....)


For authorisation please send me a message on discord (Lixeiro Charmoso#1104) including your order#, email and framework version (esx/qbcore/vrp) via DM or join my discord if you did not find my ID. Join Here:


- A complex system that allows you a much greater immersion to vehicles;
- Mileage: The mileage of each vehicle is saved so you can see exactly how much you've drove with each car;
Car Services: You need to periodically check your vehicle to keep it well, if you don't do the checks, your vehicle may lose power, suspension get bad, transmission break, etc;
Items like engine oil (should be changed every 1500km), tires (changed every 8000km), timing belt, shock absorber and much more;
Upgrades: It is also possible to change the performance of your vehicle with a multitude of possibilities that this function generates, it is possible to configure any type of upgrade for your server;
- It is possible to configure for upgrades to change any type of configuration of your vehicle, upgrades directly affect their physics;
Nitro: Nitro must be installed in the upgrades screen and is activated on the LEFT ALT key, it generates much more power for your car for a limited time. Nitro also has a limited amount of charges;
- You can make a vehicle become rear wheel drive, front wheel drive or four wheel drive;
- Each vehicle has a different behavior for each type of upgrade;
- Everyone has access to the
/status command menu, but only mechanics can inspect, service and upgrade vehicles;
- Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
- Well optimized and without bugs;


- This script does not interfere or replace the Los Santos/Bennys script, both work perfectly together;
- ONLY Mileage and nitro HUD included;


- ESX (any version) or vRP or QBcore
- Requires Mysql-Async or OxMysql (1.9+)


- Language file included for easy translation.
- No SQL import is needed as it is done through the script
- Works in onesync


I give full support to install and configure my scripts. Just open a ticket through the ModIT store discord or DM me if you need any help! My support has no fixed schedule. I'm from Brazil, so if I take too long to answer you, I may be asleep or working. Please be patient.



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