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ModIT Store Changes

ModIT is always looking for ways in which the store can be improved for sellers and customers alike.

With this goal in mind, ModIT will be making a few changes in the near future, including enforcing stricter policies across the board.

Visual Overhaul

ModIT has arranged a visual overhaul, these changes will alter the store in a way that appeals to our target market; ModIT is steering further from the corporate, clean colors and lines to opt for a more "gamer centric" style.

More info on this will be provided in the coming weeks, or if all goes to plan, an update will be pushed and you'll be able to experience the new visuals just like everybody else.

Product Screening

ModIT is aiming towards quality content and won't just accept any product coming it's way.

This is something ModIT has been pushing since the very start, however, we feel that we've been too relaxed about what products are being accepted onto the store as well as existing products that maybe coming to the end of their life cycle or are providing more issues than they're worth.

Therefore we are going to be introducing a product screening process, aimed at keeping the store clean, healthy in quality and reducing its chargeback/support workload.

Criteria ModIT will use to evaluate your products are:

  • Any information within your product description must be accurate and true.
  • Specific scenarios where your product does not work have to be stated in your product description.
  • The product price must reflect the end result of your product compared with other products on ModIT.
  • You must upload your product images in a correct widescreen aspect ratio. 16:9 for example. 1920x1080 recommended
  • Unless your product is a service, you must uncheck the "upload later" option and upload the file before it is approved.
  • Your product name must be concise and accurate.
  • A video must be produced to show the script fully working.

Helping sellers with product description

If necessary, ModIT will support you in creating an accurate and concise product description

Criteria you must follow when writing your product description.

  • Must be written in proper English.
  • Claims made in the description must be true.
  • Specific scenarios where your product does not work have to be stated.
  • Must contain info on "what it does" , "what it includes" and "what is compatible or conflicting".
  • Must contain more than one sentence.

ModIT expects you to put reasonable effort into preparing your product for release.

While we are more than happy to assist you, if it becomes apparent that you are abusing this support, it may have implications on your seller account at ModIT.

If your product does not meet all mandatory criteria, it will not pass the product screening process.

Seller Rules

Rules will be implemented to help provide guidelines to sellers on what they can and cannot do in relation to ModIT.

These rules are mandatory and a sellers ability to follow or break them will affect their "standing" with ModIT. This standing will be taken into account during the product screening process.

  • You are expected to provide adequate support to all purchasing and non purchasing customers, through all channels, especially store tickets.
  • Your product can't have an overwhelming chargeback rate.
  • You may not undersell your own products to make sales through other channels.
  • Your product may not be undersold on a different store (discounts not included).
  • You may not advertise any other store, payment gateway or source for your product via any channel affiliated with ModIT; This includes dm's.
  • Once your product is approved you may not alter its price without contacting ModIT staff first.
  • An unprotected version of your product must be provided along with proof that this version works, in case someone decides to disable said product for customers who bought it.

Not following these guidelines can lead to your product being temporarily, or even permanently, disabled.

Not following these guidelines may have implications on your seller account at ModIT.

Pricing Tiers

With each product added to the store, we've noticed a steady decrease in the average value of products released here. If the average price of a product keeps decreasing on trend, ModIT's product baseline will reach an all time low, forcing sellers producing higher quality products to lower their price in an attempt to compete with other sellers. This is bad for all of us.

Product pricing should be based on the end result of the product that is consistent with other products on the store to give our customers a clear sense of what to expect from a given price.

To resolve this issue and to get our baseline back, we will be introducing a comprehensive pricing scheme, with tiers, to which all sellers must pertain.

  • 14.99 > Tier 1
  • 19.99 or 29.99 > Tier 2
  • 39.99 or 49.99 > Tier 3
  • Higher than 49.99 > Tier 4

Pricing tiers may change in the future and will have to be re-applied to your products.

You will not be forced into a tier lower than the one you are already in.

Products that don't have a price reflecting the end result of the product compared with other products on the store will be forced into a higher tier.

Helping sellers determine the right price

ModIT will aid you to determine the right price via our product screening process.

Criteria ModIT will take into account:

  • The end result of your product.
  • How your product compares to other products already on the store.
  • The current pricing tiers that are in effect.
  • Arguments provided by you that don't violate "Criteria ModIT does not take into account:".

Criteria ModIT does not take into account:

  • How much work it took you, personally, to create the product.
  • How much your product sells for on other stores
  • Comparing your product with things it shouldn't be compared with, like video games or other items that seem similar to you.
  • Any personal advantage you might want over other sellers.

The rights of your products

All product rights are retained by the original creator.

In no shape or form will ModIT take away the rights of the original creators.

ModIT reserves the right to decide who and what products will sell on ModIT.

If a seller violates the terms of agreement between ModIT and themselves, ModIT reserves the right to retain their product files to continue distribution to existing customers. When this happens ModIT will not continue to sell these products or files.



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