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ft. drug operations



Territories aims to return the much loved portion of gang territories from GTA:SA back into FiveM, with some twists.

Gangs will be controlled and influenced strictly by player jobs (set in the config.lua, you can use any).

Each territory has its own unique perk to being controlled, such as a meth lab, cocaine lab, grow house or money laundering operation. A gang gains access to these locations while they're in control of the territory it belongs to. All actions performed while inside are part of a set of synchronized animations, including props and prop animations. No more standing in a circle to gather your drugs!

To attempt to take control of a territory, members of the opposing gang must have a greater influence in the area (higher player count) then the controlling gang. Killing other gang members and slinging drugs in a territory will also increase your gangs influence over the zone.

Police can attempt to neutralize gang activity in a zone through similar activities, including taking out resisting gang members and arresting criminal gang members in the area.



- es_extended (v1.2 or lower)



Parts of this script are remote loaded and protected by your receipts credentials. As a result, a large portion of the server side of the code is not editable. While we do take requests to expose certain functions and add more configuration options, there are limitations on how much we can expose.

 Limited support is offered (but never guaranteed) through the discord support ticket system. We offer this support service free of charge and it is not "included with this purchase".


Drug Production Preview Videos

Meth Production

Weed Production

Cocaine Production

Money Laundering



Neither I, ModIt or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, or incentivise these types of activities or any activities relating to criminal acts in real life; These mods are purely for a role-play environment and video game/gameplay purposes.



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