Drug Dealers


Drug Dealers

Setup NPC Drug dealers around your city and control what they sell/buy to/from your players. Choose whether you want your dealers to sell things on the spot or whether you want players to go and pickup/drop off at exchange spots. 


- Ability to setup multiple NPC Dealers around the city. 
- Choose what these dealers will buy and sell. 
- Custom UI for players to interact with when buying that allows multiple purchases. 
- Set cooldowns for how often players can buy specific drugs from specific dealers. 
- Setup multiple locations where the dealer may hangout.
- Choose whether you want it to be a quick deal or whether you want the player to have to go to exchange points.
- Set the heat level of your dealers this determines the likely hood of the cops being called to them or the exchange spot upon a deal.
- Built in cop notifications.
- Extensive configuration allows for vast customisation. 
- Comes with 4 Major Drugs.
- Supports FiveM Target (github link) (not required )
- All FW specific functions are open for the player to modify in server/main.lua

This script idles at 0.01ms and only peaks to 0.05ms momentarily when speaking to a drug dealer.


Supported Frameworks:

ESX 1.1
ESX 1.2
ESX v1final
qBus/QBcore (https://github.com/qbcore-framework)

The server side files of this product are obfuscated and will not be available for you to edit. Anything that you can or would want to customise has been added to the Config file. If anything is missing you can request for it to be exposed.

Support will only be given through the ModIT discord for the base copy of this script. Any edits to the config or files must be done after fully testing the base version.



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