Smart Car System


Marcus: Smart Car System


  • Control Panel. (Tesla Design)
  • Four different light settings.
  • Trunk and Frunk opener buttons.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Adjustable suspension. (Four different hights)
  • Four different acceleration settings.
  • Toggleable regenerative breaking.
  • Autosteer. (Beta)
  • Remote Control. (Beta)
  • Adjustable collision warning sound.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking. (AEB)
  • Reverse Camera with line assist.
  • Tesla Autopilot.

Configurable Options:

  • Every notification text.
  • Every notification background color.
  • Every interaction keycode.
  • Remote Control command.
  • Remote Control radius.
  • Remote Control phone object hash.


  • This is a standalone script, but have one requirement.
    - MySQL-Async


  • This code is secured with obfuscation and also with modit authorization system. This means you may not have access to all of the code within the files and in turn, may not be able to make the changes/additions you want.


  • You have to know basic sql commands to install this script.


For authorisation please go to your account page and find the token for your order, enter that token into your credentials.lua and start the script on your server.

For support on this purchase, please head to the official discord and open a developer ticket through the tickets channel. Explain your issue as clear and concise as possible, including your order#, your email, screenshots/videos of the issues you're facing and what attempts you've made to resolve the issue yourself.

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