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Advanced Cryptocurrency | "KofCoin" Mining

The BEST and UNIQUE Crypto Mining System for your server!



By default this script has no requirements as it was developed to be standalone. I have, however, setup a config option for it to work with esx "plug and play".

If you want to use this script with esx plug and play, you will need to be using these versions:

- ESX Version 1.1
- Essentialmode


Note, this is only the version it is pre-configured for because it is the version I use on my test server, there is enough exposed within this script for you to be able to alter the code slightly to make it compatible with any framework you wish, or any version of esx you wish.



- This script allows you to create and mine your own crypto coin and lets your players farm money.

- It has a simple and modern website design. Easy for players to use and understand.

- My script is fully customizable, means you can change the coin name, currency, coin price and much more!

- The script is currently setup so you mine the coin and can withdraw the coin directly to your bank, auto converting to your regular currency.


Instructions for Standalone and Framework variants:


1 - /placemonitor (spawn a monitor somewhere in the map);

2 - buy a server on the script shop;

3 - /addserver (spawn the server close to the monitor);

4 - open the monitor and go to the servers tab, choose the server and start it.

5 - wait for the coins.



1 - buy a monitor (name of the item: monitor);

2 - use the monitor (spawn a monitor somewhere in the map);

3 - buy a server on the script shop;

4 - use the server (spawn the server close to the monitor);

5 - open the monitor and go to the servers tab, choose the server and start it.

6 - wait for the coins.



- /coins, to see the amount of coins on your Crypto Wallet.

- /sellcoins [Amount of Coins], to convert your coins into ingame money.

- /buycoins [Amount of Money], to convert your money into crypto coins. 

In the shop you can buy:

- Servers
- Tool boxes to repair the server
- Fans to slow the increasing temperatures
- GPU's to increase the efficiency of the mining rig

- GPU's multiply your earnings and fans slightly delay the increasing temperatures.
- The higher your server's temperature your the faster the health goes down.
- When the health reaches 0% the server explodes and damages any other servers within its vicinity by 20%.


Please note, this product may have all or parts of its code obfuscated and remote loaded for security. This means you may not have access to all of the code within the files and in turn, may not be able to make the changes/additions you want.



All support for this product is run through either the discord (link found in the navigation bar of this website) or through my own discord (link found below), please join and open a developer ticket if you're having issues regarding product errors/bugs or open an admin ticket if you're having trouble with authorisation.

Please note, this script is sold with the intention of you being able to run it standalone or using framework related features. You can convert it to any framework, as advertised, however, no support is provided to do this. 

KofKof Discord: Discord Server



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